iGaming Audience Platform (DMP + DSP + Ad Server) is a full-service display, video and mobile advertising trading station from which media buyers can plan, purchase and track advertising in real-time. By utilizing big data and machine learning models we can seamlessly move data in real-time to the DSP for proper targeting and campaign execution.

Delta Big Data facilitate the unique reporting capability of our Ad Server as clients for the first time can validate that they have reached their target groups within the campaign.


iGaming DMP

Data management platform built for the iGaming business

Delta Projects Audience Station (DMP) let’s you identify and take control over your target audience. Properly identifying and segmenting your audience will increase the effect of your advertising. The Audience Station will tell you who you should target and when!


Look at your iGaming customers behaviour, the spending trends, purchase intent, product popularity, audience performance, and more!


Gather all information about your customers from your different business systems and get a 360 degree view


Create specific segments based on your best customers using the data in the platform


Leverage omnichannel information. Use your information from other marketing activities, who have received e-mail, phone calls or mail.


Your customers all have very specific online browsing behaviour. By searching for other users that show similar behaviour, we can extend your audience and increase your reach.


Profile your most attractive customers through careful analysis and target specific messages to them.

Behavioral targeting

Analysing online behaviour can give you new and valuable insights about your audiences. We analyse the behaviour of millions of browsers and add them to our Delta Profiles. By knowing your audiences current interests, we can make sure your marketing budget is spent on impressions that are the most relevant. By using behavioural targeting to reach your target audience, based on their online actions, your campaigns will have maximum impact.

Audience intelligence

When it comes to online advertising, you can never know too much. Before, after and during your campaign, data support all decisions made. We offer detailed reports, both before and after your campaign, with full transparency. For example, before launching your campaign we’ll perform a comprehensive profile analysis of your site, and once the campaign is done, we’ll account for all the KPIs in your campaign, whether it’s CTR, reach in the target group or gender reach.


iGaming DSP

Demand Side Platform built for the iGaming business

The DSP does all the heavy lifting in iGaming Audience Platform. Apart from having access to all relevant supply side platforms (SSPs) and ad exchanges, it takes care of buying impressions according to your requirements.

On a more technical note: Our data centers are located in Europe and has an average response time of 4 milliseconds!

Campaign goals

Video & Mobile

  • Set up your campaign in under a minute
  • Boost your reach with out-stream video
  • Video access on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Access to premium publishers


More about Video & Mobile

Fraud detection

Fraudulent actions can cost a lot of money, and make it difficult to analyse your campaign’s performance. Our built-in fraud detection eliminates all actions that can be assumed to be fraudulent from our reports to ensure that your budget is spent on real people and that your goals are actually reached. We never work with unreliable suppliers or publishers and have manually checked all our white-listed sites.

In-screen optimiser

Our in-screen optimizer progressively buys placements with a good historical in-screen value to increase the viewability of your campaign. Every impression is measured and optimized in real-time.

Viewable cpm

The viewable CPM metric allows you to use one metric for all your online activities, clearly stating what you’ve paid for the viewable impressions you got. By using this and our in-screen optimizer, which optimizes your campaign towards placements with high viewability, we can make sure you receive the maximum viewable impressions for the lowest possible price.


iGaming Ad Server

Ad Serving built for the iGaming business

With support for modern formats such as HTML5, Video and Mobile, as well as Global Frequencies, the iGaming Ad Server brings ad serving technology into the programmatic era. 

Thanks to being directly integrated with the fullstack platform the iGaming Ad Server offer global frequencies – allowing you to optimize your frequencies over multiple activities and campaigns.


Take a deep dive in your numbers in real time, analyse and share reports.


Fine-tune your allocation decisions while making course corrections in real time.


Upload material and link them to ad tags through single drag and drop. So simple it hurts!


iGaming Adserver dynamic reports is the easiest way to customize and layout documents.

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