iGaming Audiences and target groups

When it comes to online advertising, you can never know too much. Before, after and during your campaign, data support all decisions made. Analyzing online behavior can give you new and valuable insights about your audiences. We analyze the behavior of millions of browsers and add them to our Delta Profiles.

By using behavioral data to target your iGaming audience, your campaigns will have maximum impact. The iGaming Audience Platform is a full stack programmatic platform that combines the intelligence of the iGaming DMP with the execution and reporting capabilities of the iGaming DSP and the iGaming Ad Server.

Get total insights on your
iGaming customers and how they act

What sets your big spenders apart from the rest?

What triggers the big spenders to spend more money and time on your site?

What can you do to attract more big spenders?

Use your iGaming customer data

Your website information

Apply our Big Data layer on your website traffic to learn more about your audience.

Learn how your customers experience your website.

Leverage your online transaction data.

Use iGaming Platform insight tools to get your customers to spend more time on your site.


Integrate the CRM data

Leverage your online data with offline data.

Use all the historical information you have about your iGaming customers. Which games they have played and cross reference that with online behaviors in order to create look alikes.

Leverage omnichannel information. Use your information from other marketing activities, who have received e-mail, phone calls or mail.  

Personalize the communication
to your top performing iGaming segments

Create iGaming Segments

Start by identifying your most valuable customer segments.


Increase revenue on your games

Personalizing your messaging to the right iGaming audience will increase the effect of your campaigns. As you most likely know, the top players of different games can have very different attributes. Knowing what triggers the right person is essential in being successful in your online advertising. This is what we call iGaming audience intelligence.

Show your iGaming advertising videos online

Use your iGaming segment and lookalikes to leverage your online video campaigns.

TV has been a major marketing tool for most advertisers. Looking at the behaviour of the younger generations we clearly see a different pattern in media consumption that has led to a decrease in TV ratings. There are large segments of the population that can not be reached with TV ads. Use online video to reach your full potential.

Extended your NDCs with look alike twins

Use our proprietary lookalike modeling to create new iGaming audiences that have the same characteristics as your most valuable clients

Attracting the right audience to your website will boost your online revenue

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