iGaming Audience Platform – a product by Delta Projects.

Delta Projects develop smart campaign management solutions for efficient online advertising so that you can improve your KPIs. We were founded 2002 in Stockholm and has always been in the forefront of the Adtech landscape. Among our customers you will find several of the largest Nordic companies. 

Smart campaign
management solutions

Delta Projects ”iGaming Audience Platform” is based on a Demand Side Platform (DSP) with added IQ and state of the art Ad Server. The integration to the company-owned Data Management Platform (DMP) serves as base for Delta Projects self-developed behavioural targeting technology and unique way of provessing data. It is a programmatic buying system with technology closely integrated to all relevant Ad-Exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSP) and its own local media inventory.

No startup cost

Delta Projects ” iGaming Audience Platform ” is a timesaving online tool with no startup costs or monthly fees.

Full functionality

The platform functionalities covers; buying, optimization, analytics and reporting

Self-service or managed

Delta Projects’ offer also includes training, managed campaign services and personal support.

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