iGaming Audience Platform

Collect, admin, analyse and act on your audience data

iGaming Audience Platform helps you to better understand your audience behaviour so you can become more effective in your advertising and communication, whether you want to grow your business with new or existing customers.

Audience focus

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We help you Grow your iGaming business

Customer acquisition – attract new players
Leveraging data insights let’s you identify your target audience. Use these insights to target similar users which will lead to New Depositing Customers (NDCs)

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Customer retention – prevent churn
You have a lot more knowledge about your existing customers. Use that knowledge to make them spend more time and money on your website.
Execute campaigns in iGaming Audience DSP

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Customer engagement
Analyse your existing customer base in order to identify who to target to gain a larger share of their wallet.
Turn average customers into big players
Keep track of your campaigns with the iGaming Audience Ad server

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A full stack platform

iGaming Audience Platform is the platform where you collect and administer website data, CRM and third-party data. You can create detailed audience segments and target groups based on all the data in the platform. Expand these groups with twin profiles and act on the segments by buying ad impressions.


DMP               DSP               Adserver


Look at your iGaming customers behavior, the spending trends, purchase intent, product popularity, audience performance, and more!


Create specific segments based on your best customers using the data in the platform


Constantly updated statistics let’s you know how your campaign is performing in real time. Has the campaigns started? Are the creatives performing?


Profile your most attractive customers through careful analysis and target specific messages to them.


Target iGaming users based on their previous online actions, such as website visits or search history – and much more.


iGaming Ad Server dynamic reports is the easiest way to customize and layout documents

Leading video and mobile advertising

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As a tech partner we have been supporting customers since 2002. Much has happened over the years and we are now happy to introduce iGaming Audience Platform to you.

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